Access Control ...

Implementing an access  control system in your facility gives you the ability to restrict access to different groups or individuals. Individuals and/or groups can be granted or denied access to any areas controlled by the system. The system administrator has the the capability to assign custom schedules and rights . For example, an overnight cleaning crew may be given access cards which only allow access to lobbiges, hallways and restrooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00pm to 10:00pm.


What are the benefits of access control?

Restrict Access

Cost Effective Security

Distributing a new access card to employees is cheaper than having to re-key a lock. When an employee loses an access card,  the system adminstrator can delete the card from the system and assign the individual a new card.

Monitor Traffic and View History

When an access card is presented to a card reader, the system logs the information into the database. The information recorded includes the individual's name, the time the card was presented and whether access was granted or denied. This can be very useful should you need to monitor a particular area for certain individuals or should you need to perform an audit report to see when and which individuals entered an area at a specific time

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